Vater Percussion
Power 1A Wood Tip Drumsticks
Price: $20.95


NEW to the Vater drum set product line, the Power 1A! Same profile and length as our extremely popular 1A model, but with an increased diameter that sits between a 5B and 2B for some added weight and throw. The Acorn tip puts out a big but warm tone from around the kit. The Vater Power 1A is available to order through your local store. Wood tip only. Hickory “The Power 1A is a real chameleon! A perfect live and studio stick with reduced weight of 2B and added length, which is why I love the feel. Excellent for speed, durability and just enough extra reach around the kit when playing full volume to any sized crowd. They don’t feel sluggish with grip tape either due to slightly less than 2B diameter. And for studio and intimate club setting, they’re perfectly weighted for subtle dynamics and powerful 2 and 4 all in one!" - Brent Fitz [Slash]
  • Length 16 3/4" | 42.55cm
  • Grip 0.625" | 1.59cm