Vater Percussion
Chad Smith Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Drumsticks
Item ID: VHCS30
Price: $19.99


November 2022 marks Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith’s 30th year as a Vater Drumstick Artist. To commemorate this milestone, Vater is releasing a limited-edition Chad Smith model which will only be manufactured until November 1, 2023. This 30th Anniversary Edition of Chad’s Funk Blaster model is finished in a special silver paint, with a 30th Anniversary logo designation along with Chad’s signature, which has never been available to the public on his Funk Blaster model before. Play them or display them as a collectible…either way, you will own a piece of Chad Smith and Vater History. “Heart to the hands to the sticks - which are the conduit to the kit. Vater drumsticks have been it for me now for 30 years!” – Chad Smith [Red Hot Chili Peppers].
  • Diameter: .605” [1.54cm]
  • Length: 16” [40.64cm]
  • Wood: Hickory
  • Tip: Acorn
  • Finish: Silver