Low Position Snare Stand
Item ID: S1030D
Price: $250.00


From Pearl's premium, tour-grade hardware range, the S1030 Low Position Snare Stand features a fully adjustable dropped basket that accommodates deeper snares and toms from 10" to 16" in diameter. Its GyroLock tilter allows the basket to be positioned at practically any angle, and Pearl's Patented Air Suspension Rubber Tips provide firm grip without choking the drum's tone or suspension. Finally, its die-cast, insulated pipe joint provides rock-solid, slip-free height placement and rattle-free performance. Ideal for lower playing positions, deeper model or field snare drums.
  • Height basket range: 310-520mm
  • Basket adjustable to 10"-16" drums
  • Tilter gyrolock
  • Arm tips air suspension rubber tips
  • Legs double braced legs / spike feet ready
  • Leg tips oversized rubber