RoadShow Series 12" x 8" Tom, Red Wine
Item ID: RSN1208TC91
Price: $99.99


SHELL COMPOSITION: Formed from multiple plies of bonded hardwood, the drum shells are molded to create a single air resonance chamber to project a note when the drum head is struck. ROADSHOW’s bass drum, toms, and snare feature a 6-ply 7mm Asian White Poplar shell for optimum tonal power. The Bearing Edge is where the drum head meets the drum shell and where much of the drum’s tonal character begins. ROADSHOW’s hand cut 45° bearing edges contact the head with precision, drawing better sound from the shell making each drum easier to tune.
  • Tom mounts: THRSH
  • Hoops: 1.6mm triple-flanged
  • Lugs: rshl100 (toms)
  • Heads: single-ply clear