President Series Deluxe 14" x 14" Floor Tom, Desert Ripple
Item ID: PSD1414FC768
Price: $699.99


SHELL: A DRUM TONE THAT DEFINED AN ERA. President Series Deluxe drums mark the return of the original Pearl drum shell made from Standard Ply, six layer 7.5mm Lauan. Its explosive tonic subtlety delivers a deep, immediate power that can dialed into practically any musical situation. 6-ply 7.5mm Lauan Shell: Drawing from the very origins of Pearl's drum manufacturing history, Lauan was the source of the original "MIJ" (Made in Japan) sound. This darker-toned medium/hardwood was the basis of thousands of shells made by Mitsuo Yanagisawa in Pearl's Chiba, Japan-based drum factory starting in 1961. Loud yet subdued, Lauan has a deep, punchy wallop with plenty of top-end attack. Rounded 45° Bearing Edge: For balanced interaction between the head and each wood ply, this edge creates a transfer of resonant energy that is much more direct, and delivers an essential tonal tempering for even pitch and decay. Inspiration Awaits: President Series Deluxe drums have an inviting presence that gives back to the player in every playing situation. From period-inspired finish and hardware touches to its dark warm tonality, the total kit breeds inspiration and has a completely unique sonic footprint.
  • President "Battleship" Lug
  • BSL100 (Toms)
  • Heads
  • Remo UT CS Black Dot (Tom and Floor Tom Batter)
  • Remo UT Clear (Tom Resonant)
  • Badge: Script