Pitchblack X Pro Rack-Mountable Pedal Tuner
Price: $279.99


Featuring our newly-developed ULTRA BUFFER. The Pitchblack X Pro not only features a true bypass for outputting the sound exactly as it was input, but now includes a built-in ULTRA BUFFER. Why is this important? The majority of electric guitars use passive pickups with a high impedance output. When you are using a cable there is a loss of tone, usually high frequencies, after about 6 m (around 18 feet) and this problem gets worse the longer your cable. A buffer boosts the signal over long cables to avoid loss of tone, keeping it clean and clear - even when your pedal is off. The ULTRA BUFFER enhances the sound quality in bypass mode, so that you can still maintain audio quality even when using a long cable to connect to the tuner, or when inserting the tuner into a complex effects board. Designed for a wide range of setups. This tuner comes with easily detachable rack-mounting adapters. Aside from installing this tuner into a rack, you can attach the rack-mounting adapters onto the bottom of the unit, and use them as a stand for placing the unit on the floor. Further, output jacks are available on both the rear and front panel, which makes it easier to integrate the tuner into your effects board. Multicolored LEDs feature excellent visibility. With this tuner, you have a choice of multicolored LEDs for outstanding visibility. Available colors include blue to red gradation, green to red gradation, and single-colored gradation for cyan, green and blue for a total of five color types. This lets you select the colors and color combinations that suit your tastes, to match the studio or stage lighting and color mood.. Ultra-high tuning accuracy down to ±0.1 cents. The Pitchblack XS offers highly precise and accurate tuning within a precision of ±0.1 cents when in Strobe mode, making it ideal for situations where the tuning must be absolutely right whether performing or recording. Four meter display modes. Select from four types of meter display
  • Allows switching between true bypass and the newly-developed ULTRA BUFFER
  • Meter LED also offers bright mode settings for high visibility
  • Ultra-high tuning accuracy down to ±0.1 cents
  • Four meter display modes
  • Built-in “just-right tuning” display
  • Scale: 12 note equal temperament
  • Detection Range: E0 (20.60Hz)~C8(4,186Hz)
  • Calibration Range: A4=436?445Hz(1Hz steps)
  • Detection Accuracy: +/- 0.1 cent (display mode: Strobe)
  • Input Impedance: 1 M-ohm (tuner on)
  • Display Modes: Regular, Strobe, Half-strobe, Focus
  • LED color patterns: Blue and red gradation, green and red gradation, cyan, green, blue
  • Connectors: Front Side…INPUT 1 jack (1/4?/6.3 mm monaural phone jack), OUTPUT 1 jack (1/4?/6.3 mm monaural phone jack), CABLE CHECK jack (1/4?/6.3 mm monaural phone jack)
  • Rear Side…INPUT 2 jack (1/4?/6.3 mm monaural phone jack), OUTPUT 2 jack (1/4?/6.3 mm monaural phone jack), DC 9V IN jack
  • Power Supply: AC adaptor (9V)
  • Power Consumption: Maximum ?? mA
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): Tuner Only…430 x 50 x 44 mm(including protrusions)
  • When used with the rackmount adapters…482(W)× 50(D) × 44(H)mm(including protrusions)
  • Weight: 379 g
  • Included Items: Notices, AC adapter, Screw x 4, Washer x 4, Rack mounting adapter x 2