Awakening Series 22" Stainless Steel Handpan, Gray Lacquer (F Minor)
Item ID: PBHP-300
Price: $1,999.99



Handpans are musical instruments that are a subset of the steelpan. The beautiful tonal characteristics will remind you of steel drums, but handpans are played by hand, with no sticks or mallets, so the sound has reduced attack and each note swells in response to your finger strikes. The shape of Pearl’s 22” Awakening Series Euphonic Handpan features a center tone field surrounded by eight tone fields. Each tone field has a fundamental note, an octave, and an overtone, so each tone field produces three notes. The hand-crafted steel shell of the instrument is designed so each tone field holds its tuning. The gray Euphonic Handpan is slightly thinner and is designed for the budget-conscious player and is tuned to the F Minor scale. A sturdy, PVC reinforced backpack-style bag is included to protect the handpan during travel and storage. Table top and floor stands are also available but sold separately. NOTICE: Playing the handpan with sticks or mallets will detune the instrument.
  • SCALE: F Minor
  • SIZE: 22”
  • NOTES: 9
  • SHELL: Steel
  • FINISH: Gray Lacquer
  • BAG: PBHPB-50 Included