Masters Maple/Gum Series 4-Piece Shell Pack w/ 22" Bass Drum, Hand Rubbed Natural Maple
Item ID: MMG924XSPC186
Price: $5,199.99


The Greatest Drum Tones Ever Recorded: The Maple/Gum shell combination is well documented for delivering truly legendary sounds. Pearl’s fresh take on this legendary combination originated with our custom Sonic Select Studio Recipe drums. These limited production kits were gaining such widespread acclaim so we introduced Masters Maple/Gum as the first production level Masterworks kit. Reaching New Levels in Dynamics, Sonic Warmth, and Explosive, Low End Response. Masters Maple/Gum’s expanded finish and component options make each kit a true prize for the owner. Believe the hype. Experience Masters Maple/Gum for yourself and take your studio drumming game to the next level. Give Masters Maple/Gum Your Own Endorsement. Now available in the USA through the Music City Custom program and throughout the world by special order, Masters Maple/Gum can be configured and finished in a wide variety of personalized finishes and setups. A Powerful Sonic Foundation in the Recording Environment. The Studio Recipe’s commanding hardware/shell combination delivers explosive projection in the midrange for clean tonality and extended low end punch.
  • SHELL: EvenPly-6 (5.4mm) | 4-ply Maple outer with 2-ply Gumwood inner
  • BEARING EDGE: Outer 60°
  • LUGS: CL Bridge Lug | CL100 (Toms) | CL250 (Bass Drum)
  • SPURS: SP300 w/ Retractable Spike
  • FLOOR TOM LEGS: LG200 Bracket with R40 Air Suspension Feet
  • TOM MOUNTS: OptiMount Suspension System
  • HOOPS: MasterCast Die-Cast
  • BASS DRUM CLAW: Die-Cast w/ Nylon Insulators
  • HEADS: Remo USA Ambassador Clear (Toms) | Remo USA Powerstroke 3 (Bass)
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORY: Bass Drum Muffle Pillow (BDMF)
  • 10"x7" Tom
  • 12"x8" Tom
  • 16"x16" Floor Tom
  • 22"x16 Bass Drum