1×15” 500w Neodymium Custom Bass Combo Amp With Hi-fi Tweeter
Price: $1,799.99



The MB58R series is a further example of how Markbass is always one step ahead in innovating using state-of-the- art technologies. Once again Marco De Virgiliis with his pioneering soul has managed to create this new series of products which, with the use of custom components born thanks to years of experience and research Markbass and the use of revolutionary materials with an eye to the future and the evironment, has really nailed the tone and power versus portability issue. The MB58R CMD 151 PURE combo sends out 300W of power through a single 15" Markbass Neodymium custom speaker and new hi-fi tweeter. Highly portable thanks to the cabinet material and technology (only 29.28 lbs / 13.28 kg) and astoundingly loud for its size, it’s the practical solution for those who like the sound of 15” speakers. UNMISTAKABLE TONE Strength for Markbass products has always been an unmistakable tone. This new series has custom components born thanks to years of experience and research. MADE IN ITALY Not just technology but also GLOCALIZATION and Made in Italy. Glocalization is for Markbass a key word, intended as the use and optimization of local resources to be competitive on the global market. ECO-FRIENDLY It’s time to think about the future; focus on the product and on the natural environment that surrounds it. AMAZING POWER TO WEIGHT RATIO State of the art and technology with an amazing power to weight ratio.The MB58R CMD 151 PURE features 1x15" ultra-light neodymium speaker and revolutionary enclosure material and technology. This combo is the best-sounding and ultralight 1x15" combo out there, it weighs only 29.28 lbs / 13.28 kg, it has 300 watts (RMS) of power standalone or 500 watts if matched with an 8ohm extension cabinet. BEST QUALITY, RIGHT PRICE The new series of products has an incredible strength point: high quality and innovation at the right price.
  • Series
  • Mb58r
  • Power
  • 500w
  • Speaker
  • 1×15''
  • Tweeter
  • Hi-fi tweeter
  • Magnet
  • Neodymium