Digital LCD Metronome, Black/Red
Price: $31.99


MA-2 derives from the technological evolution of MA-1, the popular and popular KORG Card-Type compact metronome . MA-2 is an indispensable unit for practicing rhythm, has advanced metronome functions, such as the wide spectrum of time speed adjustment, a large assortment of Patterns and Beat, intuitive and easy to access functions, a greatly improved display in visibility, a clear and powerful sound, to which it adds the innovative "Timer Mode" of new introduction. You can choose two different combinations of colors, bright and elegant: blue and black or black and red.
  • Increase volume and clearer sound
  • Meets all the needs for rhythmic exercise
  • Equipped with " Timer Mode " and " Sound Out Mode " for everyday practice
  • Renewed design and features
  • Up to 400 hours of continuous use