Quik Lok
Wall Mount Guitar Hanger Support With Wooden Base (Bulk Buy$)
Item ID: GSW001
Price: $18.99


The GSW001 is a wall mount support for guitars and basses developed by Quik Lok that seamlessly blends into any home, recording studio, or practice room environment, thanks to its elegant wooden base. Quik Lok's GSW001 wall mount is the perfect solution for securely displaying your guitars and basses. The ash wood base not only provides stability for the wall-mounted screws but also adds an element of elegance with its delightful wood grain pattern. Your instrument's finish will remain protected over time, despite the friction caused by the weight of the vertically suspended guitar or bass, thanks to the velvety flocked coating on the fork, which cushions and shields the wood at contact points. Quik Lok's GSW001 wall mount is the ideal choice for music enthusiasts who want to display their instruments. With its durable design and attention to detail, this support will help you keep your guitars and basses in perfect condition and within easy reach.
  • Elegant Ash Wood Base: The GSW001 support features an ash wood base that adds a touch of sophistication to any environment. The base is 1.9 cm thick, 6.4 cm wide, and 10.1 cm tall, ensuring stability and durability.
  • Secure Fastening: The GSW001 comes with two wall screws and two wall anchors for safe and reliable wall mounting. The support fork extends 7 cm from the wall, allowing you to securely rest your guitar or bass without the risk of accidental falls.
  • Functional Design: This support is designed to keep your musical instruments in a horizontal position, reducing the space they occupy and providing optimal organization for your guitar and bass collection.
  • Base Dimensions (cm): 6.4 x 1.9 x 10.1
  • Wall-to-Fork Distance (cm): 7 cm
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