Bass Cabinet 8x10 Mark Bass Classic 108 Casa 8x10 4ohm
Price: $1,679.99


The CLASSIC 108 CASA Michael League signature cabinet is the perfect choice to satisfy the needs and desires of bassists who like the look and sound of old standards, with the benefits of modern standards. The power and lightness of this cabinet put it in a new league compared to the 8x10" cabinets from the past, which tended to be very heavy and lacked power. The CLASSIC 108 closed cabinet (with no bass ports) features 10" Markbass custom neodymium speakers with 1600W of power handling from only 89 lbs! The CLASSIC 108 looks vintage but it offers a wide range of tone from classic '70s to the high-end modern sounds, thanks to the 1" compression driver with custom horn controlled by the tweeter level control, allowing to extend the high-end frequency responce from 6 kHz to 20kHz! old-style sealed cabinet, wide range of tone The closed cabinet design of the CLASSIC 108 CASA makes it a great choice if you want a vintage 70s sound; if you want to add a modern high-end sizzle to your sound, turn on the tweeter level control of the 1" compression driver and extend the cab frequency responce from 6 kHz to 20kHz! vintage design with the benefit of new modern standard The CLASSIC 108 CASA has a very cool vintage design but with the benefit of new modern standard, with a long termreliability thanks to our advanced production procedures, state-of the-art testing, quality control facilities and top quality components. great tone and amazing power handling in a lightweight package In addition to the great tone and 1600W of power handling the CLASSIC 108 CASA has an incredible lightweight package for a 8x10" cabinet: only 89.95 lbs / 40.8 kg
  • IMPEDANCE 4 ohms
  • SPEAKER SIZE 8x10 in.
  • BASS PORTS sealed /none
  • TWEETER 1" compression driver with custom horn
  • POWER HANDLING 1600W RMS (AES Standard)
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE 54 Hz to 20 kHz
  • WEIGHT 89.95 lbs / 40.8 kg
  • WIDTH 23.03" / 58.5 cm
  • HEIGHT 45.63" / 115.9 cm
  • DEPTH 18.78" / 47.7 cm