Quik Lok
Height Adjustable Near-Field Studio Monitor Speaker Stand, Single (Bulk Buy$)
Item ID: BS300
Price: $84.99


Designed for home, project and professional recording studios. All-steel, arc welded construction. NO fibre or chipboard. Attractive design incorporating cable management. Stable, three-point triangle base with adjustable leelling floor spikes. Sturdy metal top plate measures 9" square (23 cm). 100 lb (45 kg) weight capacity.
  • Speaker plate dimensions: 9" square - 23cm square
  • Height Positions(5): 32.7", 36", 39", 42", 45.3"
  • 83,91,99,107, 115cm
  • Base Size: 17.7" square - 45cm square
  • Weight capacity: 125lb - 57kg
  • Weight: 10.6lb - 4.8kg
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