Celestion G12 V-type 70W 1x12” Guitar Amp Cabinet
Item ID: 2512
Price: $1,049.99


The 2512 cab pushes the shimmering classic rock tones and dirty overdriven sound of the Jubilee to the fore. Providing the grunt for the 2525H or to be utilised as an extension cab for the 2525C, the UK made 2512 lets you recreate the classic rock and metal roar in any environment. Play anytime, anywhere - Convenient and compact, the reduced weight chassis of the 2512 has been handbuilt in the UK allowing you to take your tones from the stage to your home. Packing that iconic British punch - Effortlessly recreate the soaring cleans and unmistakable crunch of the Silver Jubilee.
  • Model 2512
  • Inputs 1
  • Speaker configuration 1x12"
  • Power handling 70W
  • Speaker model Celestion V-Type (16O, 70W)
  • Unit impedance 16O
  • Weight 12.20 kg / 26.9 lbs
  • Width 520 mm / 20.5"
  • Height 480 mm / 18.9"
  • Depth 250 mm / 9.9"