Seymour Duncan
Jeff Loomis Noumenon Neck Pickup, Gold
Item ID: 11102-100-GC-BPTF
Price: $269.99


Before active pickups like his signature Blackouts® became synonymous with Jeff Loomis’ sound in Nevermore, Arch Enemy and his solo work, Jeff’s foundational experiences in sculpting his highly influential metal tone were forged by passive humbuckers, bought from guitar catalogues in the 1980s. The Noumenon™ Signature Humbuckers call back to those formidable years, as Jeff wanted an option to achieve the dynamics and control that passive pickups offer. The 6-string Noumenon™ set is built with Alnico 8 magnets, providing high output and thick bass, while maintaining a smooth treble response. The 7-string set is built with Alnico 5 magnets, necessary for maintaining tight low end and sharp attack. All Jeff Loomis Noumenon™ Signature Humbuckers are available with triangular feet bottom plates for standard humbucker routes and direct mounting in Jeff’s signature guitars.