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Seymour Duncan
Item ID: 11205-28-C
Crunchy, sizzling, rockin humbucker tone. Great for edgy, distorted rhythm playing, where you really need to hear the pick attack on the low strings.
PRICE: $169.99
Seymour Duncan
Item ID: 11203-10BC
The Classic Stack Plus bridge pickup looks and sounds like a true Stratocaster single coil but none of the traditional Strat hum. It has all of the sparkle and chime that you would expect from a vintage Strat pickup.
PRICE: $139.99
Seymour Duncan
Item ID: 11024-10
The Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Surf for Strat would be equally comfortable in the smoky clubs of Chicago's West Side as hanging ten at the Malibu Pier.
PRICE: $159.99
Seymour Duncan Basslines APB-2 Lightnin' Rods active 4-string pickup for P-Bass. Designed to meet the needs of today's modern bassist who insists on an authentic, "original" look.
PRICE: $189.99
Seymour Duncan
Item ID: 11406-01
Seymour Duncan Basslines APB-1 Pro Active pickup for P Bass®. The Pro Active pickup system is designed to provide the cleanest possible signal with expanded headroom and dynamic range.
PRICE: $189.99
Seymour Duncan
Item ID: 11407-25
The ASB2 is similar to our original ASB soapbar pickups but with some extra fire inside. The EQ of this pickup has been shifted to deliver heightened mid range and a slightly harder attack without being harsh.
PRICE: $182.99
Seymour Duncan
Item ID: 11828-79
Widely considered one of the best players in the modern metal scene, Wes Hauch’s reputation precedes him. Whether playing with The Faceless, Glass Casket, dropping a guest spot on Periphery II, or in Alluvial, Wes.
PRICE: $339.99
Seymour Duncan
Item ID: 11203-33-WH-PGD
Seymour Duncan 11203-33-WH-PGD STK-S10PGD Yngwie Malmsteen YJM Loaded Pickguard
PRICE: $559.99
Seymour Duncan
Item ID: 11102-60-RZ
The Full Shred neck model is the most articulate, bright sounding neck position humbucker that we make. Great for adding clarity to any guitar.
PRICE: $149.99
Expand your tonal palette by accessing three unique tones from a humbucker, thanks to this mounting ring that holds two small switches.
PRICE: $54.99
Displaying 1-10 of 704 results
1 .. 2 3 4